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hahahahahahaha cheeks!!!!

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Chanyeol's 2014 birthday projects~


  • spunky action baby
    you can leave a message for Chanyeol. ”please show your love for Chanyeol!’ It will be made into postcards or book and delivered to Chanyeol. deadline: October 31st
    - you can post them on message board. click on write, and write your message….

// Vote for Chanyeol on Happy birthday to my Star~please vote from 11:50~58PM KST if possible//


The idol who gets first place will get a page in a famous Korean sports newspaper, ‘Sports Seoul’ where fans’ birthday wishes will be published so vote for Chanyeol~

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demon!chanyeol ;v;


demon!chanyeol ;v;

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chanyeol unbottoning his shirt in middle of a performance

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amo su sonrisa! :D

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Chanyeol being rejected by Kyungsoo... twice ~

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MC Yixing Jackson dancing to Black or White during rehearsals

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